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Test Number
Test Name
Effective Date 12/21/2020
3003480 Antithrombospondin Type-1 Domain-Containing 7A (THSD7A) Antibody, IgG with Reflex to Titer
3003477 Membranous Nephropathy Comprehensive Autoantibody Panel
3003595 TCL1 by Immunohistochemistry
Effective Date 12/15/2020
3002100 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Panel, Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication
3002096 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Panel, Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication, Fetal
Effective Date 12/14/2020
3000894 Hereditary Hemolytic Anemia Cascade
Effective Date 12/8/2020
3002737 FISH, Interphase, CD138+ Cells
Effective Date 11/30/2020
3003393 BCL-10 by Immunohistochemistry
3003423 Chymotrypsin by Immunohistochemistry
3003458 Trypsin by Immunohistochemistryy
Effective Date 11/23/2020
3003443 Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and RSV by NAA
Effective Date 11/16/2020
3002982 Adenosine Deaminase in CSF
3002984 Adenosine Deaminase in Pericardial Fluid
3002980 Adenosine Deaminase in Peritoneal Fluid
3002978 Adenosine Deaminase in Pleural Fluid
3002976 Adenosine Deaminase, Serum or Plasma
2014735 Allergen, Inhalants, IHC Western Allergy Panel
3003058 Autoimmune Neurologic Disease Reflexive Panel, Serum
3003017 Autoimmune Neuromuscular Junction Reflexive Panel
3001855 Breast and Ovarian Hereditary Cancer Syndrome (BRCA1 and BRCA2) by NGS
3003034 Bupropion and metabolite, Serum or Plasma
3003036 Chlorpromazine, Serum or Plasma
3002996 Coccidioides Ab by CF & ID, CSF
3002995 Coccidioides Ab by CF & ID, Serum
3003039 Cyanide, Whole Blood
3003016 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) by in situ Hybridization on Paraffin
3003035 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) by In Situ Hybridization Stain Only
3003086 Fatty Acids Profile, Essential in Red Blood Cells
3003020 Ganglionic Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody
3003041 Thiocyanate Quantiative, Serum or Plasma
Effective Date 11/2/2020
3003142 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Minimum Residual Disease by Flow Cytometry
3002956 KIT (D816V) Mutation by ddPCR, Quantitative
Effective Date 10/20/2020
3003253 Borrelia burgdorferi VlsE1/pepC10 Antibodies, Total by ELISA
3003254 Borrelia burgdorferi VlsE1/pepC10 Antibodies, Total by ELISA with Reflex to IgG and IgM by Immunoblot
3003255 Borrelia burgdorferi VlsE1/pepC10 Antibodies, Total by ELISA with Reflex to IgG by Immunoblot
Effective Date 9/8/2020
3003005 HPV by Nucleic Acid Amplification, with genotype information
Effective Date 9/1/2020
3002286 Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Panel, Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication